Robin van Persie Facebook Q&A Episode 1

  • Publicado el 9 nov 2014
  • Robin van Persie Facebook Q&A Episode 1

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  • Ratonbat
    Ratonbat Hace 7 años +1

    WOOOOO RvP! You're my football inspiration, my favorite player! Good luck from Argentina, wish you the best! Keep on hitting that net!

  • Theropod
    Theropod Hace 7 años

    Wow, Robin van Persie you are easily the best forward there is in my opinion. Your are a real inspiration for me and I'm sure you are for many other people. I have no idea how I would react if you even replied to this comment.

  • AP Editing
    AP Editing Hace 7 años

    There's an episode 2? YES!!

  • Giant Airdrop
    Giant Airdrop Hace 6 años

    RvP is my role-model and you will be our legend

  • XQC & Chat Reacts
    XQC & Chat Reacts Hace 7 años

    Cool video RVP :) Stay strong!

  • Kevin Armota
    Kevin Armota Hace 7 años

    robin your amazing, the best striker in the world!!

  • Gabriela G. Gomez
    Gabriela G. Gomez Hace 6 años

    my hero!!!!

  • Ratonbat
    Ratonbat Hace 7 años

    When's part 2 coming?

  • bildadmm
    bildadmm Hace 7 años

    It was painful for us Arsenal fans to lose you to Manchester United. I am a diehard Kenyan Arsenal fan. However i understood your reasons for leaving however painful it was to me. I have two questions for you. Do you think that we will win the premier league soon? What made Manchester united so different from Arsenal under Sir Alex Ferguson? All the best in your career, you are one of the most gifted players to play the beautiful game.

  • kaspr02
    kaspr02 Hace 7 años

    The last one is funny :D

  • nieuwkanaal! Familycraft

    Je bent een baas

  • M N
    M N Hace 7 años +2


  • TH3.5KRUB Gamer
    TH3.5KRUB Gamer Hace 7 años


  • Jordan Vincent
    Jordan Vincent Hace 7 años +1

    Wow, the lack of attention on Robin's ESclips channel surprises me.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Hace 7 años +1

    Hallo Robin van Persie! Is dit jou officiële ESclips account?

  • karla
    karla Hace 7 años


  • Ali Kazeroni
    Ali Kazeroni Hace 7 años

    Robin You have to stay!! ;)

  • Aviatrix Pakistan
    Aviatrix Pakistan Hace 6 años

    u so perfect


    Didn't know you had a youtube channel

  • Enoch K.
    Enoch K. Hace 7 años

    Van persie I have a question. Will you leave MU? If yes where?