Bye bye shark

  • Publicado el 29 jun 2015

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  • Enoch K.
    Enoch K. Hace 7 años

    Wow that's crazy! What a catch! Glad your enjoying your vacation Mr RVP!

  • Trickybuz
    Trickybuz Hace 7 años

    Don't leave! :'(

  • Piersilvio Iosa
    Piersilvio Iosa Hace 7 años +1

    Hi Robin, my name is Piersilvio, i'm 20 and I live in Rome. Since 2004 when you started to play with Arsenal you became in a few months my favourite player. I saw all your matches with Feyenoord, Arsenal Manchester and naturally with Netherlands.

  • İbrahim Koca
    İbrahim Koca Hace 7 años

    Welcome To Fenerbahçe RVP!

  • Efe Oflaz
    Efe Oflaz Hace 6 años +1

    Van Persie <3

  • Oğuzhan Yiğit Aşık
    Oğuzhan Yiğit Aşık Hace 7 años

    RVP are you coming to Fenerbahce ?

  • Javier Barbero
    Javier Barbero Hace 7 años +1

    You are the best football player in the world

  • Luis Nani
    Luis Nani Hace 7 años +1

    Come to Fenerbahçe <3

  • Alan. C.
    Alan. C. Hace 7 años

    where is that?

  • Ali Kazeroni
    Ali Kazeroni Hace 7 años

    Pls Robin stay at United! it´s way too early to leave! We need you!

  • Alican
    Alican Hace 7 años

    Flying Deutch, We are waiting for you :)

  • Zisse
    Zisse Hace 7 años

    Fenerbahçeye gel her hafta balığa çıkarız 3 tarafımızda deniz var yeter ki gel

  • Ratonbat
    Ratonbat Hace 7 años

    Oh my

  • Uğur Can Göktaş
    Uğur Can Göktaş Hace 7 años