Foot-volley game with the boys!

  • Publicado el 4 feb 2016
  • So much fun during foot-volley game with the boys!
    With Shaqueel van Persie , Luis Nani and Bruno Alves.

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  • Enoch K.
    Enoch K. Hace 6 años +13

    Glad you're having fun in Turkey! Miss you in man u :)

  • Ali Kazeroni
    Ali Kazeroni Hace 6 años +1

    you are the best robin:) thanks for nr 20!

  • Hamza
    Hamza Hace 6 años

    i hope your son becomes a footballer like you. i am sure he will as he has the best dad in the world

  • Ömer Yıldız
    Ömer Yıldız Hace 6 años +2

    i saw you 5 or 6 year ago . and now i'm your big fan. you are playing well in Fenerbahce . and of course i choosed Fenerbahce when i was born☺.i love you soooo much . I believe you can fly 😉

  • Merts Beast
    Merts Beast Hace 6 años

    You son is a perfect talent

  • Leaf Gamers
    Leaf Gamers Hace 6 años +9

    Ooooo Robin Van Persie

  • Muhammet
    Muhammet Hace 6 años

    Your son will be legend.Like you

  • Fátima Patané
    Fátima Patané Hace 6 años

    Nice vídeo! Thank you.

  • Tanay Jadhav
    Tanay Jadhav Hace 6 años

    plzz come back to united 🙇🙏

  • Trickybuz
    Trickybuz Hace 6 años


  • Markart RaneTR
    Markart RaneTR Hace 6 años

    gelecegin rvpsi

  • DJ Yuri games
    DJ Yuri games Hace 6 años